One Of A Kind Christmas Show 2016 – Toronto

5’x10′ booth

All made with recycled material (but the flat brown wall)
– Refurbished Maple flooring planed and ripped to make a curved semi see through wall.
– Reused aluminum pipes curved to make branches for the « tree » and support for the shelves.
– Aluminum scrap cut square and riveted on a curve to make the airplane-wing-like counter.

Designing and Making the booth was a challenge. It had to fit in a 5’x 10′ area including hanging display and shelving, a small working space, and some storage for stock. It had to fit with our brand identity. Which required a design mixing wood and metal, curves and lines, light and shadows. As displayed in a showroom, we decided to show a single idem for every object, keeping the rest of the stock hidden in a back storage.
After building several booths, and designing our own, we would be happy to talk about a new project.
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