Custom design, Wood Work, Aluminium riveting with passion !

Q&A Design

is a Toronto based company founded in 2014 by two French architects, Pierre Quesnel & Coraline Allard.


Aya Barrie – Landscape reflection in lake
Copper Orb Light
High Beer Nation – Aluminum Beer Caddy
GreenBox – a permanent art installation
Physalis – a wooden sphere light
Custom privacy wall in Oak
Outdoor show tent – 10’x10′ Homemade booth
The Nest – AyA Kitchens booth
Reciprocal structure – tests
Rotegrity Hanging Lantern
Rotegrity Table Lantern
Canadian Bird Feeder – Patinated Copper and Cedar
Oxidized Bird Feeder – Copper and Cedar
Geodesic Dome
Patinated Copper House Number
Red Oak Boot Jack
One Of A Kind Christmas Show 2016 – Toronto
Bird Feeder – Copper and Cedar
Nomadic Pavilion – Nuit Blanche Toronto 2016 – October 1, 2016
Blundstone shoe rack
Cedar steam bent and Copper Mailbox
Primal Hug – ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche 2015 – October 3, 2015
Fire Tower
Tapas dishes
Jewelry box
DS Seat – Transatlantic
Halloween Costume
IDS Cubitat
The Cloud Interior Design Show 2015, Toronto
Thonet Chair – Steamed Punk

Designing and Crafting - Custom design

We like to design, develop and execute prototypes in order to craft objects of varying scales. From Bird feeders to Fire towers, you can see our various production during art and craft shows, like at the One Of A Kind Christmas Show in Toronto. On an other hand, we work directly with customers on custom projects. It can range from a very unique mailbox, to the design and installation of a trade show booth. We like to think outside the box! Let's talk about your next idea.

We also enjoy working collaboratively with our clients in partnership with their respective architects, interior designers, and project managers.

Most pieces are available for sale.

Please contact us to place an order or just to share your thoughts.

You can also find some of our work on Etsy.



Custom design, Wood Work, Aluminium riveting with passion !

Coraline Allard

Coraline Allard was born in 1986 in Dieppe, France. She studied Architecture in Rouen, France and Lisbon, Portugal and graduated in 2009. She joined the Bowlus Road Chief team in 2012 bringing with her, her knowledge and expertise working with aluminum sheet metal. She was in charge of the riveted aluminum fuselage of the Bowlus Road Chief, learning from scratch the aircraft techniques of buck riveting. Her nickname, “Rosie the riveter” came about as she slowly and meticulously tailored the aluminum exterior of the trailer with the thousands of rivets used to complete the project. In 2014, when Bowlus Road Chief moved its manufacturing plant to California, she co-founded Q&A Design with the same enthusiasm for crafting amazing projects.

Pierre Quesnel

Pierre Quesnel was born in 1983 in Coutances, France. After studying in France and Spain, he completed his Architecture Degree in 2009. In 2012, he moved to Toronto, Canada and was hired by Openthink Inc. in order to help redesign and modernize the original 1935 Bowlus Road Chief camping trailer. He designed and prototyped this innovative, aerodynamic and ultra-lightweight travelling trailer bringing this unique product into the 21st Century. When the company moved its production line to California in 2014, he founded with Coraline Allard, his partner in work and life, Q&A Design in Toronto.
Since its inception, Q&A Design has been involved in a number of projects, both collaborative and individual. The company designs, develops and manufactures prototypes of various scales, using a variety of material such as aluminum, sheet metal, wood and plastic. Examples of Industrial Design can be found throughout the various innovative pieces made by Q&A Design.

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