DS Seat – Transatlantic

Leather seat
Aluminum riveted body
Steam bended ash wood armrests
31” x 46” x 46”
79 cm x117cm x 117cm

Initially, this leather seat was designed in the 1950’s for the Citroën DS, a french car considered to be one of the most innovative cars of its time. The Citroën DS was so successful in France that the company decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean bringing its unique product to North America.

Two decades earlier, the North American Streamline Moderne style was born. Industrial designers began drawing and transforming everyday objects in a futuristic and aerodynamic way.

The Transatlantic is the result of a mix between French culture and North American design. With one foot in Europe and the other in North America, the Transatlantic embodies French industrial history coupled with an aerodynamic aviation design.