Nomadic Pavilion – Nuit Blanche Toronto 2016 – October 1, 2016

In collaboration with LUBO Design

Black Locust Sapling Tent structure
Reclaimed white Sail
Perforated steel sheet and Steel structure for Fire Tower
16′ x 16′ x 9′
4.80 m x 4.80 m x 2.75 m

Beyond is not here, in the mundane day to day existence. Beyond implies a transition, a change of state of mind. Beyond is crossing the threshold into the unknown. Beyond is discovery, a journey, a new experience.
This is the way of nomads. Always wandering beyond the next hill, they search for a suitable site to set up shelter. Depending on the circumstance, the spot can be on top of a hill, or down in the valley, deep in the forest or by the seaside. By scanning the lay of the land, they erect a structure, and light a fire.
Under the roof is a place to warm up. Let your mind wander. Look up at the stars through the eye and wonder about what could be out there. Rest and then move on.
The « Nomadic Pavilion » is a travelling art exhibit. It is made of portable materials; all components break down and pack to be taken and re-erected at another location. We are actively searching for new sites!