Primal Hug – ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche 2015 – October 3, 2015

In collaboration with LUBO Design

White Cedar Tent structure
Copper pipes
Reclaimed Parachute
Perforated steel sheet fire pit
16′ x 12 ‘ x 9’
4.80 m x 3.60 m x 2.75 m

Fire is the first weapon against dark fears. Fire is the root of human connection, the light out of darkness, genesis of society.

Trained as architects we always find an interest in small architecture. Most of the time, small architecture is built for human primal needs (shelter, warmth, cooking, privacy needs…). Architecture and fire, are the genesis of the organization of human society. Genesis means for us the moment of creation, of being human, the foundation of society. Foundation of small architecture around fire sparked spiritual conversations, story telling, discussions about the meaning of life. Talking, dancing and singing around the fire gives the feeling of belonging to a group. Architecture is a way to use the warmth of the fire more efficiently and a way to protect it and keep it alive.

Primal Hug is a collaborative effort on an installation around fire; combining mythology, architecture and technology to create a place for people to gather.
Our goal is to give this feeling back to the people; a tent with heated benches so people can warm themselves, meet, talk and socialize with strangers and to be part of a group, a society, a civilization.